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Read some of my references. Most of them are from my travel agency services.

Professor Paul Robert Magocsi, University of Toronto (Professor Magocsi needed to digitalize more than 70 old maps for the third edition of the Historical Atlas of Central Europe. I offered him my help, I found a solution and solved this issue)
I have been extremely pleased with the work of Mr. Branislav Švorc. He understand fully cartographic principles; he is extremely accurate and reliable regarding deadlines; and his command of written and spoken English is excellent. It is also of importance to note that he has a pleasant personality so that it is very easy to work with him. I can recommend the cartographic and design work of Branislav Švorc very highly and without reservation.

Thank you for arranging our tour. By: Georgeann Burch
It was fantastic, and Branio was amazing!  He was prompt, polite and extremely professional, but also very personable. My traveling companion, Beverly, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. Branio made it clear that he wanted to accommodate our preferences and he always did. The trip would have been worth it just to see the beautiful Slovakian countryside, but it was incredible that Branio was able to help me actually meet a second cousin in Kapusany!  There was no way we could have had that experience without his expert help and enthusiasm for genealogy! I can hardly believe that it happened!

One of the most meaningful days of my life. By: Yossi Friedman
We visited a number of small towns in Slovakia that are so special to our family heritage. I discovered the resting places of my great great grandparents, Perel and Meyer Mermelstein, in an overgrown cemetery in Michalovce – that being the first time that a family member had visited them since before the war. We also visited the small village of Bunkovce where Chana Raizel’s grandmother (and Auschwitz survivor) grew up. We were greeted by the village members of council who set up a party for us in the village hall and shed tears as we spoke about memories from the past and entered into the old family home. It was a truly beautiful and emotional moment. We also visited the burial place of my great grandfather Judah Wiesner in Kosice and saw the site of his famous bakery in Michalovce. He owned the largest bakery in Eastern Slovakia and supplied bread to the army and government pre war.

Thank you for showing us your beautiful country. By: The Elsner family
My 83-year-old mother took her four, 50-something children back to her parents‘ village in Slovakia. We were lucky to be assigned Branio as our tour guide, driver & translator. He was professional, knowledgeable, friendly & flexible. He treated mom like a queen. He went to church with us at the church where my grandparents‘ were baptized. He attended a luncheon that my mom hosted for her cousins and was always ready to translate when needed. He went to lunch with us at Mom’s cousin’s house and was always ready to translate when we needed more than Mom’s native and rusty Rusyn language skills. I highly recommend Branio! We were sorry to say „Goodbye“ to him at the end of our trip. We really appreciate his attention to detail and willingness to spend time with us and our family in Slovakia. Thank you again.

Thanks for a Wonderful Visit to Kosice! By: Mike & Carolyn Pravlik
On our visit to Slovakia, we wanted to visit Kosice to find out more about my grandmother’s cousin who was a priest. From a prayer card from the 50th anniversary of the priest’s ordination, Branio figured out that we needed to go to the offices associated with St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral in Kosice. Branio drove us from Presov, where we were staying, to Kosice. He had set up a meeting with the Cathedral’s archivist. The archivist produced biographical information on the priest and told us that he was buried in the city cemetery. Branio got right on the phone with the cemetery and set up a visit to find the grave. The cemetery officials gave Branio information about the location of the grave, but it was not obvious how to apply that information to the section of the cemetery in which the priest was buried.  We walked and walked looking at hundreds of graves and Branio was there every step of the way, until finally we found the grave.  We could not have accomplished any of this without Branio. In addition to our hunt for information regarding the priest, Branio gave us a wonderful tour of St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral, complete with climbing the bell tower and the special staircase for the royals. On our drives between Presov and Kosice and during lunch in Kosice, Branio provided detailed information about the region and was a very pleasant conversationalist.  He also gave us information about other places to visit and made an excellent recommendation for dinner. We highly recommend Branio as a guide and translator.

Great day tours with Branio! By: Goldfus family
My family took 3 day tours to east Slovakia with Branio. We enjoyed these tours very much thanks to the pleasant personality of Branio, his knowledge, love of nature and sensitivity. We visited variety of places and landscapes and tasted many local wafers that Branio supplied. We had a great time and warmly recommend Branio because his professionalism and his tranquil character

Thank you! By: Jack & Shannon Grosko
My wife Shannon and I have been remembering our recent visit to Slovakia and the High Tatras with great enjoyment. I would recommend your services to anyone considering an Eastern European vacation. Slovakia is an unknown gem waiting to be discovered. from the medieval castles, well-preserved and restored villages, picturesque landscape, first-class accommodations and friendly people, our trip was an unqualified success! Thanks for your part in making it so.

Thanks again for all your hard work! By: Mitch and Lesly Senker
Not everyone is going to travel to Slovakia for a family reunion but, my wife, my cousins and I did. Branio was our Eastern Slovakian guide. His skills and professionalism kept us from getting lost, helped across language barriers and made our reunion a truly memorable experience. When we traveled about the beautiful Eastern Slovakia country side, into the historical cities and even into little villages to visit Slovakia’s famous wooden churches, his knowledge of Slovakian history, geography and culture was outstanding. The visit with our relatives exceeded all our expectation

Thank you! By: Joseph and By: Kaye Harvey
Branio is a wonderful guide for anyone’s journey.  Branio was our chief interpreter, driver, and guide when we met with our Slovakian family for the first time.  He was well informed, more than helpful, courteous, and great fun to be around.  We highly recommend him for your tour and will certainly call upon him again!

An absolutely wonderful trip. By: Joseph and Marilyn Tapajna
Branio did a wonderful job on our trip to the Tatras and our car ride to Bratislava. He was extremely knowledgeable and creative in suggesting sights to see and further resources to pursue. He was very patient and we never felt hurried. If we go back to Slovakia we would certainly contact him!! As well, we will recommend him to our friends of Slovakian heritage.

Very Pleased with Services. By: E Powell
I traveled to Slovakia in September 2011 to explore my mother’s ancestry. Branislav Svorc helped make this trip a successful and memorable one by showing me parts of the country I could not have seen on my own. He designed several excellent day tours, ranging from a sampling of a dozen lovely wooden churches to a hike up to Šariš Castle. He planned tours based on my interests, and he was flexible to adapt changes. I highly recommend him!

Thank you. By: the Willingham family
We just wanted to say thank you to Branislav for a very informative tour around Presov last week. It was a n enjoyable although cold time, but we learnt many facts that we will hopefully remember when we visit again.We have also been able to add to our list of things that we want to do there as a result of our tour. Thank you.

Great Experience! By: Lauri Timm and Berit Sander
We were travelling through Slovakia in October 2011. It was quite cold and windy weather, but Branislav made it much better for us. The tour in Presov was so interesting, that we forgot how cold it was outside. We saw the famous latitude 49 degrees, a beautiful view to the whole town, a lot of churches and we even visited a beer museum (!). He told us what is on the flag of Slovakia. We guess we´ll never forget those three moutains Matra, Fatra and Tatra. 😉 We might forget the double cross, though… 🙂 When we left Presov, Branislav suggested us to visit the Spiš Castle. We did and we liked it. Thank you, Branislav, for being such a great and helpful guide!

Branio is a Great Guide! By: Mary Ann & Rick Carney
In June 2013, we visited family in Eastern Slovakia and needed Branio’s assistance in making the arrangements. During the planning, he responded quickly to all of our requests and stayed in constant communication with us. His love of his country makes him an excellent guide and we were able to enjoy one full day of his services. Because of a family matter, our plans changed. Branio was very accommodating and was able to assist us with this too. He picked us up from the Tokaj Macik Winery in Mala Trna and drove us to the Domica Cave in the Roznva region. The tour of the cave was presented in Slovak, so Branio provided excellent translation for us. Next, we went to the Kaltnecker Brewery in Roznava where we enjoyed lunch and a tour of the brewery. We finished in Kosice with some shopping. Branio made us feel very welcome in his country. He is an excellent driver and the trip through the southeastern portion of Slovakia is not something you can find on a regular tour, he created it just for us. He knows English very well, answered all of our questions, and is very patient. I highly recommend his services and hope he will visit us one day in America!

Wonderful Slovakia. By:  Carol Bryan
Branislav Svorc not only guided us geographically through Eastern Slovakia on our recent trip, but also enriched our deeper understanding of this complicated tapestry which is this proud nation woven together from so many vital and beautiful strands.  Branio’s love for his homeland is infectious and powerful; his knowledge of history and current affairs first rate, but his most compelling attribute may be his winning personality.  We felt immediately comfortable and cared for in his presence; his enthusiasm for adventure, his affection for historical and beautiful sites remarkable, and his demeanor were just the right combination of friendly and respectful.  After two days of travel through Eastern Slovakia with Branio, we felt as if we were old acquaintances of the family.  I would not only highly recommend Branio’s guidance services, but also encourage anyone who wishes to travel to Slovakia contact him for the very ultimate of superb leadership and a memorable Slovakian travel experience.

First time in Slovakia. By:  Catherine Smith
I want to very highly recommend Branislav „Branio“ Svorc to you as a guide in Slovakia. In April 2013 my best friend and I spent two days with Branio exploring Eastern Slovakia (Bardejov Skansen, Bardejov Town, wooden churches at Krive and Hervatov, and an extraordinary visit to the Tokaj Macik Winery in Mala Trna). Branio is intelligent, knowledgeable, very organized and a marvelous person. We could not have had a better guide or a better experience in our travels, a first time visit for us to Slovakia. He is punctual, informed, cheerful and a great person. He goes out of his way to be helpful, including taking us to the train station in Kosice to buy our train tickets and make sure that we knew how the station worked.

Slovakia is a great place to visit. By: Burghartz Quentin
I had the chance to discover eastern Slovakia with Bran as a guide last year. I had never imagine Slovakia was hiding such beauties and cultural jewels. We visited nice cities like Presov and Kosice, amazing feudoal castles and caves …The mountains areas of the North-East, on the Polish border are perfect for hiking and mountaineering. Bran is a great guide, friendly and proud of his country, I highly recommend him for your Slovakia travel!

Thanks Branio! By: Kathy Mazza
Branislav Svorc made our first visit to Slovakia a highlight of our trip. He picked us up in Poland and helped us find and explore the villages of our maternal grandparents. He spoke perfect English and was able to help us communicate with the local people. Branio is well versed on the history of Slovakia and provided details we would have missed without him. Our visit to Spis Castle, Levoca, and the wooden churches were amazing. His recommendations for food and lodging (Pension Trattoria) in Presov were perfect. By the time he saw us safely over the Ukraine border we felt like he was a member of our family! Thanks again Branio for making our visit so memorable… I would highly recommend you to anyone visiting Slovakia!!!

In love with Slovakia. By: JP Tournut
In April 2011 I went to Slovakia for the second time of my life and loved it so much I came back 4 more times this year ! Branislav was showing me around Presov, the churches and the town. He knows a lot about the area and his advises were great. I would definitely like to meet him again if I happen to be around Presov one more time. Slovakia is definitely my favourite place for nature in Central Europe 🙂

Great Guide By: Kimberly King
In September, 2012, Branislav took my sister and me on a wonderful all day tour of 5 small towns in eastern Slovakia that our ancestors came from. It wouldn’t have been the same without him. He was a wealth of information of the area and culture, very friendly, incredibly accommodating stopping for photos along the way, provided highly valuable translation services at the registry office and was very patient as he tried to teach me the correct pronunciation of names and places. I highly recommend him!